Cinnamon Fritter Derps

So, today I went into The City.

Today was the premiere of the Screening Tour of The Last Unicorn’s new remastered 4K resolution edition. Peter S Beagle, the author and screenwriter, gave a Q & A before the screening. There was also a raffle and a signing (alongside Dana Simpson, creator of Heavenly Nostrils) along with several booths set up for selling unicorn related stuff. I ran up to the stairs after the showing to get in line for the signing and made 6th slot because most everyone else was distracted by that Quad suit, which made its way down the aisle during the ending credits of the movie.

It was a tactical visit to The City. I went on the first Ferry out of the day, grabbed some steamed chicken buns at the ferry station, then took the streetcar to The Castro. My sis and I enjoyed the show, got our purchases and signings, and then we too the streetcar back to the ferry station, and walked right back onto the ferry and rode it all the way back to where we’d parked the car. Left home at 8am, got home at 5pm. That’s really good for San Fransisco.

Oh, and Bronies at non-brony Q and As are a leading cause of spaggheti

(This is my second time typing this out because I lost the whole post to a crash the first time :V)

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